Among the elusive shadows of a world engulfed by speed, a performance borns from the whispers of the contemporary soul: The Square. In a square suspended between lights and shadows, many clothers accumulate on the ground, evoke a silent presence of a bygone era. The distorted and intricate shades of our contemporary society live, where characteristic traits have been pushed to extremes. A central canvas is constructed and destroyed, through a continuous design of images created by the three performing shadows. Nothing is stable, everything is replaceable. The constant repetition of change becomes the indelible sign of our time, where the desire to arrive translates into a pursuit of experiences. This insatiable run for knowledge and possession can lead to an inner void that cannot be filled by accumulated objects, piled-up garments, or the frenzy of consumerism. Beyond the efforts, there is a sense of needing to run without a destination, to move without reaching anywhere. More and more alone.


Dancers: Maria Laura Calvano, Federica Clarizia, Beatrice D’Amelio Music: Ervin German Zitnikov, Ardo Richter
Design, photos, videos: Robyn Vuorinen

Credits: BFM Koreograafia, BodySounddivision Project, National Academy of Dance