National dance academy

The Accademia nazionale di Danza (National Dance Academy, AND) of Rome is the only State institution in Italy that issues 1st and 2nd cycle Academic qualifications equivalent to university degrees for dance teaching. Given its uniqueness on the National territory, the institute promotes teaching and research projects based on curricula that start from dance education, moving to include secondary education, the first and second university cycle, up to the 1st and 2nd Masters level, an articulated educational offer that sees dance at the center of the training course where the student is at the center of a knowledge that is configured as permanent.

The AND organized in October 2019 the DAR – Dance AND Research, the first international conference dedicated to the synergy between the theoretical study of dance and the forms of performance, which analyzed a comparison of synergies between the National Academy of Dance and the Italian system with other European institutions of the same level. The Institute’s responsibility is to have an educational offer articulated according to specific courses and addresses, in order to ensure a cultural and professional growth of the enrolled students: from teaching courses, seminars, up to practical exercises and production and research, preparatory activities for higher education and the EducANDo course aimed at children. Since 2013, the DNA has been promoting its European policy strategy, in line with the guidelines of European programming to allow sustainable and inclusive smart growth for its staff and students.

Participation in the Erasmus+ program has contributed to increasing the cultural exchanges of teachers and students, contributing to a sharing of knowledge and skills that have achieved a continuous updating of staff and students, both participants in mobility and as users of sharing experiences reported within the institution. In order to modernize and strengthen the educational offer to its students, the DNA also considers it important to promote knowledge of different cultures, expanding the curriculum of its courses and acting as a link and exchange of knowledge between the Countries of northern Europe, Asia and the Countries of the Mediterranean basin. The AND, also thanks to its participation in internationalization projects, has established itself at European level as a center of excellence in research and experimentation among the new artistic languages ​​related to dance, integrating the experiences and skills that operate in different cultural contexts.

In addition to the subjects related to the dance field, the educational path of the AND offers its students educational modules in music informatics, video – direction and video – dance, skills increasingly necessary for the modern dancer who operates in a digital world and moves in international scope. Relations with institutes and professional centers operating in the field of performing arts are also a source of great interest in the field of teaching and research, in order to give their students the opportunity to contribute to the development of a modern figure of the dancer inserted in an increasingly international and multicultural context, in order to encourage the culture of dance and the application of good practices to increase cooperation, exchange at an international level and create a platform for the future of dance at an institutional and European level.

Accademia Nazionale di Danza
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Accademia Nazionale di Danza
Dott.ssa Laura Sciortino
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