BSdV Logo making of

The BSdV Lodo is born from an internal ISIA Roma design contest, run among its own students. Find out more about the Winner Logo making of and about the 5 finalists Logos.

Designed by Alessandra Pellegrinet

Logo Vincitore BSdV


The designed logo wants to be essential and simple but at the same time visible, recalling the elements that distinguish the new line-up, that is Dance, Music and Design. The starting point is the acronym B-S-D. Concept The sinuous body and the music, understood as vibrations, can be united by the idea of ​​curved, fluid lines. Here the respective letters B and S, and consequently the D, maintain and accentuate only the curved lines already typical of the characters, making them stand out. The theme of design, of vision, on the other hand, is present in the gestalt that outlines the profile of the letters through contrast.




Logo designed by Alessia Battistutta 

“The BSdV logo, Body Sound DiVision, was designed as a representation of the union between dance, music and design.
The consortium will in fact promote international activities on research, design and implementation of projects in the field of artistic performance, with a strong multimedia impact, seeking multidisciplinary collaborations between the consortium institutions, in the context of international mobility.
The logo sees three nuclei represented: music, creating an atmosphere, designed like a bubble within which you can move freely; the dance, light, soft, free, floats in the musical bubble; the design, neutral but strong, not always perceived at first glance, capable of combining music and dance making them “come out of the circle”, capable of raising the level, communication and union between the two.”


Logo designed by Edoardo Cardin

“The meaning behind the logo is the same as the subtractive synthesis from which I then took the colors. The shades in the background (cyan, magenta yellow), which represent the three entities of the consortium, merge to create the acronym BSdV (Body Sound diVision) in black. This interaction between the background colors and that of the text is interesting because it allows, in the case of special events, that you can dedicate your own version of the logo. This is done by changing the percentages of color on cyan, magenta, yellow and showing the result on the color of the writing.”

Logo Cardin

Logo designed by Jasmine Ceotto

““Body Sound DiVision was born from the bond of three apparently different worlds which, united, aim at a single goal. The links between musical notes such as the ligaments of the body allow the musical apparatus or movement to be activated. In design, as well as in dance and music, the links between the actions bring the pre-established idea to fruition. “

Logo Ceotto

Logo designed by Nicola Pizzaia

“The purpose of my project is to unite three different realities through a single common thread, in this way an image is created that does not encompass the different institutions through a single symbol, but which highlights the different characteristics, the which are communicated through the use and overlapping of three different colors: blue conveys the elegance of dance, yellow the energy of music, red the passion of design.”

Logo Pizzaia