Ro Ta, Roma-Tallinn: the final rendition

Ro Ta, Roma-Tallinn: the final rendition

The Erasmus+ Body Sound DiVision Consortium took its first steps in Rome in July-August 2021: six Estonian students selected by the BFM - Baltic Film, Media, Arts and...

BSdV Logo making of

BSdV Logo making of

The BSdV Lodo is born from an internal ISIA Roma design contest, run among its own students. Find out more about the Winner Logo making of and about the 5 finalists...

Roman Artistic High Education Network
An interconnected and multidisciplinary entity, for the realization of Erasmus mobilities.
Dance, Music, Fine Arts, Design


Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, coordinator of Body Sound DiVision, is one of the most renowned music educational realities of European breadth, with a wide educational offer, authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to award 1st and 2nd cycle Academic Diplomas in Jazz & Popular Music, Composition and Film Music, Electronic Music, Sound Engineering, Songwriting and Applied Music.
ISIA Roma Design, Higher Education State Institute founded in Rome by Giulio Carlo Argan in 1973, born from the need to train professionals in the wake of the great European, intellectual and pedagogical tradition, exemplified in the Bauhaus and in the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm, from which it inherits and develops a methodological system of excellence grafted on the great Italian tradition of creativity and product innovation.
Accademia nazionale della danza
L’Accademia Nazionale di Danza of Rome (AND) is the only State Institute in Italy that awards 1st and 2nd cycle academic qualifications equivalent to university degrees in dance teaching. The institute promotes teaching and research projects from dance education up to 1st and 2nd level Masters with an articulated training offer that always sees dance at the center of the path.